News from the Grantham Research Institute at LSE – October 2020

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October 2020

This month’s update from the Grantham Research Institute at LSE includes a call for a more diverse leadership team for the UK hosting of COP26, a look at lessons from the UK Climate Assembly and Nicholas Stern on China’s historic announcement on net-zero emissions. As the new academic term gets underway we are also pleased to have several online events lined up for the coming months – including a panel discussion on international climate justice and reflections on the outcome of next month’s US presidential election.

Why the UK needs a diverse leadership team for COP26

The UK government has announced an all-male COP26 leadership team. A line-up that includes women would not only be more representative, but could also be more effective and trusted, argue the authors of this commentary. Read more

Where next for the UK Climate Assembly?

The UK Climate Assembly’s recent report has revealed appetite among the public for an increase in the pace and scale of action to reach net-zero. Beyond the wide range of recommendations put forward by the Assembly, much can be learnt too from the process itself, argues Sophie Dicker. Read more

First climate case reaches Brazil’s Supreme Court

The first climate case to reach the Supreme Court in Brazil – brought by four opposition parties – had its public hearing in September. Joana Setzer, who made a presentation to the hearing, reports from the Court and considers the case’s wider significance. Read more

A threat to the quality and integrity of TV and radio coverage of climate change

Bob Ward writes on the implications for climate change coverage in the UK of appointing Charles Moore and Paul Dacre as chairs of the BBC and Ofcom respectively. Read more

China’s historic announcement on net-zero emissions

Nicholas Stern explains why President Xi’s historic pledge to cut China’s emissions to net-zero by 2060, announced this week, could prove to be a key milestone on the path to a healthier, safer and more prosperous future. Read more

Sky News promotes ‘lukewarmer’ propaganda

Bjorn Lomborg recently joined a climate debate on Sky News during which he frequently misled the audience with inaccurate or misleading statements. Here Bob Ward explains in detail how Dr Lomborg distorts the truth about climate change. Read more

Building climate resilience knowledge from the ground up

Candice Howarth and Matt Lane consider how we can better align knowledge on climate change resilience with the needs of local decision-makers, including by improving the accessibility of the UK’s Climate Change Risk Assessments. Read more

Can climate change legislation keep its momentum?

The authors of this commentary consider whether the pace of international action against climate change be put back on track in the aftermath of COVID-19. Read more