Mission Statement

ETHICAL MARKETS’ mission is to foster the evolution of capitalism beyond current models based on materialism, maximizing self-interest and profit, competition and fear of scarcity. As we move further into the Information Age, we learn that information and knowledge are not scarce, and our economic models can move toward sharing, cooperating and a new abundance. We believe capitalism combined with humanity’s growing knowledge of the interdependence of all life on Planet Earth, can evolve to serve today’s new needs and our common future—-beyond maximizing profits for shareholders and management, to benefiting all stakeholders. We deliver this message to our global market by featuring stories of success.


Ethical Markets© showcases the organizations, trade associations, shareholder activities, the mutual funds and pension funds asset managers, financial planners, venture capital groups, innovative technologies and companies, as well as this vision of maturing, socially-responsible, ethical capitalism fitting humanity’s aspirations for a more peaceful, just and ecologically sustainable world.

Ethical Markets© research, reports and TV depart from the traditional formats of the financial media, based on the obsolete economic models of the past century…while conserving the core values that allow markets to succeed and economies flourish: TRUST, HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY, FIDELITY in CONTRACTs, FAIRNESS and SERVICE to employees, customers and the public.

ETHICAL MARKETS’ TV series seeks to foster public understanding of all these issues…and awareness of the new players and the choices they offer to consumers, employees, investors, asset managers, financial planners and citizens to align their own lives, work, investment decisions and daily activities with their own highest goals. By showcasing all these groups and individuals spearheading the new ethical markets, we seek to grow this emerging, job-creating sector and expand its market share—-globally and locally.

B Lab has created a dynamic platform for those of us who believe business and sustainability go hand-in-hand. As a social enterprise with a case study in Earth Capitalism (2009), we at ethical markets Media have long been “Walking the Talk”, a segment on the Ethical Markets TV Series (2005), and providing research for businesses and investors tracking thetransition to a global green economy. Becoming a B Corp gives all of us in the sustainability community greater visibility, attesting that there are many socially responsible businesses – accelerating toward the tipping point when B Corps are the worldwide norm. B Corporations use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.  “We became a B Corp since our mission is to reform markets and metrics while helping grow the green economy worldwide,” said Hazel Henderson, President of ethical markets Media. “The process for becoming a B Corporation helps identify our company as focused on broader social progress rather than merely private profit.”

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