Ethical Advertising

We adhere to Ethical Advertising and connect with sponsors, partners and colleagues who do the same. The site was created as a public service to gather and disseminate information on socially and environmentally responsible investments and practices and on the green transition markets growing around the world.

We founded the EthicMark® Awards for Advertising, which has raised the bar by recognizing inspiring ad campaigns in both profit and non-profit categories. The EthicMark® Awards are presented annually at the SRI Conference.

Socially responsible business and investment opportunities have been around for decades, but now they are reaching farther into the mainstream, including advertising and branding. This site acts as a filter for much of the information from this financial, governmental and social sector with which we are bombarded. When choosing advertising on, we use the EthicMark® Awards’ goals and criteria as part of our vetting standards. Advertising rates for fossil-fuel free and ethical asset managers, renewable energy and socially responsible companies, for example, are available.

As a Certified B Corporation, we hope to be profitable as well as provide a public service. To that end, we welcome sponsors and advertisers, but only highly qualified businesses which adhere to stringent social and ethical criteria, as used by all major socially responsible mutual funds and by our Ethical Markets® Quality of Life Indicators, developed jointly by Hazel Henderson and Calvert in 2000.

Likewise, the site seeks to build connections with as many companies and research organizations promoting these high standards as possible. The site exchanges links with like-minded organizations and provides publicity for deserving non-profits.

Every post, banner, video and other content found on the site is purpose driven: to be timely, to inform and to empower, without the obfuscation often found in traditional advertising models.

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