September 2020 Newsletter

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As the fall season rings in, we’re looking forward to embarking on all that October holds. September was filled with several initiatives that you will read about in this newsletter. These include weekly Perspectives articles in the Montecito Journal, a presentation on the H2 Clipper at the International Hydrogen Aviation Conference, and a message about sustainability and resilience from our summer intern.

We’re looking forward to a big event in October: a webinar about emotional inflammation with authors of Emotional Inflammation: Discover Your Triggers and Reclaim Your Equilibrium during Anxious Times, Lise Van Susteren, MD and Stacey Colino. The FREE, LIVE webinar will take place on October 9th at 11am PT and will be recorded in case you aren’t able to attend the live event.

Keep reading for more details about what we’ve been up to this month!

by Rinaldo S. Brutoco

As we welcome in the fall season, we have continued with our regular publishing of Perspectives in the Montecito Journal. The first installment of the month is titled “Mother Earth is Having a ‘Fit,'” which focuses on the climate crisis, emphasizing the absolute urgency of tending to our planet (published September 3). The second piece, “Wind, Wires, and Fire,” jumps into the Academy’s longstanding belief in microgrids and their benefits relating to community resilience (published September 10). The following piece, “Too Late to Buy Gold?” documents Rinaldo’s advice for investing in gold, providing useful information about its increasing value (published September 17). The final piece of the month, “What’s the ‘Big Deal’ with the Post Office?” is the first of a series focusing on a crucial, and unfortunately threatened, entity in the US: the Post Office (published September 24).

All of these columns were published in the Montecito Journal’s respective editions as well as on our website.


We are grateful to everyone who has sent in thoughtful messages sharing their thoughts, ideas, and positive comments. It is whole-heartedly appreciated and encouraged! 

H2 Clipper Presentation
International Hydrogen Aviation Conference
September 3, 2020

Rinaldo S. Brutoco was invited to present at the International Hydrogen Aviation Conference, on September 3, 2020.  The conference focused on innovations in and benefits of hydrogen aviation technology, and Rinaldo presented on the disruptive airship technology he’s been actively developing over the past several years.

Rinaldo, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of the H2 Clipper, had the chance to share a bit about the H2 Clipper, a 100% renewable, high-speed, revolutionary method of transportation.

To learn more, please click through to watch the video presentation from the conference.