New World Bank president: what’s on the agenda?

kristyReforming Global Finance

Bretton Woods Update No. 80

March/April 2012

New World Bank president: what’s on the agenda?
An unprecedented competition for the presidency of the World Bank, with two highly experienced developing country candidates nominated in addition to the US candidate, has raised demands for reform of the Bank’s approach to middle-income countries, human rights, environmental issues, and the private sector, among others. Read More.

Building alternatives BRICS by BRICS
With the future of the World Bank up for grabs in the presidency race and the IMF facing a resource crunch, many developing countries are pursuing alternatives to the Washington-based lenders, with Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa even mooting a joint BRICS Bank. Read More.

IFIs labour approach ?will get us in trouble?
With global unemployment at record high levels, the IFIs? approach to employment is being criticised for still encouraging countries to lower labour protections. Read More.

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