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The Future Pacific Island Children Want
Neena Bhandari
For 13-year-old Karen Semens, growing up on Pohnpei — one of the four main island states in the Federated States of Micronesia, which comprises of more than 600 islands in the western Pacific Ocean — the main challenge is being a girl. “In our culture, girls don’t have the same rights and … MORE > >


Slavery Modernises, Adapts to Stay Alive in Brazil
Mario Osava
“Slave labour is not declining; it has taken on new forms and is growing; it expanded to new sectors where it did not previously exist,” said Ivanete da Silva Sousa, an activist in the fight against modern-day slavery in northern Brazil. This scourge expanded from livestock farming, charcoal and … MORE > >


Many Milestones but Painfully Slow Progress Towards Gender Equality
Farhana Haque Rahman
The narrative surrounding women’s rights in 2020 carries much hope and possibility. A new decade is ushering in important anniversaries and milestones: 25 years since the Beijing Platform for Action, 110 years since the birth of International Women’s Day and the 10-year countdown to achieve the UN … MORE > >


There Can Be No Green Peace Without Gender Equality
Jennifer Morgan
Gender inequality – like the climate emergency – is not inevitable, but is kept in place by the poor choices too many cis men make on a daily basis. And it is not just womxn who are hurt and trapped by this patriarchal problem, but girls and non-binary people too, as well as many boys and men. … MORE > >


Q&A: ‘Place Gender Equality at the Heart of our Work’
Samira Sadeque
Ambassador Mona Juul started her role as the Permanent Representative of Norway to the United Nations in January 2019, and is also the president of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Prior to joining as the Permanent Representative, Juul had an extensive career where she … MORE > >