NYT Retro Report: Eating to Save the World Has a Long History

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NYT Retro Report: 
Eating to Save the World Has a Long History.

Plant-based meats may be high tech, but the ideas behind them have been around for decades. (Retro Report)

My daughter Anna and I are thrilled to be featured in a video produced by the New York Times Retro Report!  In it, we talk about how the counter-culture food movement taking off in 1970’s has become a mainstream call to action today—action that now includes how our food choices connect to the democracy and climate crises.

In this Retro Report I emphasize that what I wanted to get across in Diet for a Small Planet, “is that our current food system is inefficient, unjust, illogical and destructive.” I wrote that “hunger is not caused by a scarcity of food but a scarcity of democracy.”  Also, Anna points out that “the question should be not just is something meat, or is it not meat, but were toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers used that are incredibly energy-intensive to produce?”  Anna wrote about these concerns here“Impossible Foods, Impossible Claims.”

Today, what energizes me is seeing so many Americans stepping up to create a healthy food system as well as meet the democracy and climate crises. We’d love your feedback on the video. (Those old photos sure bring back memories!)


I am also excited to announce a 50th anniversary edition of Diet for a Small Planet is coming Fall 2021! I love to tweak recipes & if you  Submit your version HERE. do, I welcome you to share your recipe variations from my book. If I choose your version, your name will appear in the book and you’ll receive a signed copy.   I am honored by your continued support and look forward to reading your recipe tweaks and stories – thank you!

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