THE BIDEN TEAM v. “FAT BOY” (who alone can do it)!

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“Ethical Markets published this lovely photograph of the Democrat candidates, last year (May 15, 2019) and made the point that they had all pledged to to respect each other’s amazing talents, knowledge and experience.  They also pledged to vote for whomever won the Nomination, who in turn would bring this whole slate into a Democratic cabinet in the new administration in 2021!

Now is the time to remind all these wonderful candidates to make good on their pledges!  We honor all those who have now endorsed Joe Biden and respect those who are still considering their options.  We urge Joe Biden to publicly invite either Elizabeth Warren (whom I personally support) or Kamala Harris to join him on the ticket as Vice President.  We need one of these both highly-experienced and qualified candidates as Vice President!  Either one of these great activist, experienced  women can back up Joe Biden’s deep experience as a “wisdom-keeper” in repairing our international relationships and  restoring trust in the USA to our allies and partners around the world.

Team-based servant leadership is the 21st century leadership style, as the UN’s Global Leadership Conference will show in October 27-28 2020, in Geneva. (GL-21

This is the opposite of the earlier historical autocratic, ”command & control“ leadership in our human past.  We are all one species sharing the biosphere with all others.

Our multiple global crises:  from pandemics to poverty, inequality, species losses and climate change now indicate that the planet is teaching us directly, markets must learn from cooperative enterprises, and financial players must give up  their magical thinking and learn to make science-based investments, as in our Green Transition Scoreboard and TIIP.

In our digital age and information-based future, leadership will be less brawn and more brain, as we build knowledge-richer, more inclusive, cleaner, greener societies, focused less on money and GDP metrics (incentivizing the Seven Deadly Sins!) and more on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) representing systems thinking and our long-shared traditions of The Golden Rule.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor”