2014 Trends for Business Startups and Future Funders

Jay Owen Crowdfunding

2014 Trends for Business Startups and Future Funders — What does the new year hold for startups and crowdfunders? David Drake of LDJ Capital and The Soho Loft writes in to make some crowdfunding predictions for 2014. Read on to find out what he thinks the new year will bring for platforms like CircleUp, Lending Club, and Angel.co, as well as what’s on the horizon for crowdfunding in Italy.


Duolingo Named Apple’s App of the Year

Duolingo, one of the most popular crowd-powered apps on the market, had a huge year and closed it out by earning a great accolade: Apple’s iPhone app of the year.

Elance and oDesk Set to Merge in the New Year

Big news came out of the cloud labor space recently as oDesk and Elance, two leading marketplaces, announced a merger that they hope will be finalized in Q1 2014.

Kickstarter Introduces Advanced Search to Help Users Find Projects

Kickstarter introduced an improvement to its search engine, making it easier to find campaigns on its platform. It’s a small improvement, to be sure, but it shows the company is listening to its users and wants to keep improving its services.

A Roundup of the Best Crowdfunding Tips of 2013

Rose Spinelli, of The Crowdfundamentals, writes in with a recap of her finest crowdfunding tips of 2013. Stay tuned for even more fantastic advice from Rose in the New Year!

The Origins of Southern Equity Crowdfunding [Part I]

Inspired by the Statue of Liberty’s crowdfunded pedestal story, Thomas Vass writes in to discuss early equity crowdfunding in the American South.

Wikipedia Introducing Article Draft Feature

In an effort to get more contributors to follow through on their plans to submit articles, Wikipedia announced recently that it’s creating a new article Draft feature.