2014 National Green Energy Council Commitment

Jay Owen Green Prosperity


WASHINGTON January 2, 2014

My friends, 2013 was a very good year for the National Green Energy Council and our member companies.

In 2013, GEC member companies thrived in a still questionable economy and our industry is growing in leaps and bounds.

Here are the highlights of 2013:

A GEC member company reinstalled solar panels on the roof of the White House and another installed Eco Friendly turf just outside the Oval Office.

The GEC worked on the Energy Efficiency Bill and the Farm Bill and continued to advocate on the importance of extending the PTC and ITC tax credits in perpetuity.

We also continued our commitment to see a National Renewable Portfolio Standard passed soon. Our efforts assisted President Obama in passing an Executive Order now mandating that the Federal Government invest more in renewables. In fact a mandate of 20% by 2020.

The National Green Energy Council influenced the creation of the executive order on energy efficiency and renewable energy, which applies to all federal agencies, civilian and military.

GEC efforts continued to facilitate opportunities with th US Military and other Federal Government Agencies to meet their energy efficiency and renewable energy goals.

Our military continues to lead, showing the World that America can be fossil fuel independant as well as provide US Military installations to become more energy efficient and generate on base power from renewables.

In 2013, I personaly spoke at and attended over 100 conferences and spent more time on Capitol Hill than any other year in the past 8 years. Real things are beginning to happen.

2013 showed politicians that more jobs now existed in America in the Wind industry than in the US Steel industry and that more solar jobs existed in America than in the US Coal and US Natural Gas industries combined.

The investment community now sees the money to be made from energy efficiency retro fits and renewable energy applications and the GEC is showing them the way.

National Green Energy Council membership now stands at just over 600 members and our Worldwide database has swelled to over 3 million strong.

And today, January 2, 2014 marks one of the most important days in the history of our organization. In 2005, under another President, I told President Bush that America needed to lead in regards to Climate Change, that we needed to do something big to lower our Carbon Footprint as a Nation. When asked what was one thing that America could do that was big, I told him to outlaw the sale of the incandescent light bulb. The Energy Policy and Security Act did not fully pass until 2009 but our efforts and advocacy for four years are finally bearing fruit.

Today begins the retirement of the incandescent light bulb. Once stocks are exhausted there will never be another incandescent light bulb sold in America.

One small thing can change the course of history and can change the World. This one “big” thing will allow America in 5 years to reduce its carbon emmissions by 15% and save every American homeowner money on their energy bills.

When I founded this organization I vowed to make the National Green Energy Council a catalyst for real change. Sometimes a sentence in a bill can be all that is needed to change the course of history.

I am honored to continue to be the leader of this amazing organization and I am commited to continue to lead the National Green Energy Council to be the “voice” and the “might” of our industry.

2014 will be even more sucessful for our organization and its member companies.

Stay tuned..and thank you for your continued commitment to the National Green Energy Council and to me.

All my best,

Ralph Avallone


National Green Energy Council 



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