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Green Transition Scoreboard August 2012 Press Release

For Immediate Release ethical markets Media (USA and Brazil) PO Box 5190, St. Augustine, FL  32085 [email protected] phone 904.829.3140 PRIVATE R&D DRIVING GROWTH OF GLOBAL GREEN ECONOMY St. Augustine, FL, August 29, 2012 --  As of July 2012, $3.6 trillion has been privately invested in a greener, global economy, since [...]

America, Enjoy the Downward Slide

“We at Ethical Markets welcome THE GLOBALISTS’s excellent series on reforming the globalization of finance , especially Lord Megnad Desai’s essay.” Hazel Henderson, Editor The daily online magazine on the global economy, politics, culture and history August 17, 2012 Singapore's Message for Today's America President Obama may [...]

Global Elite Hiding $21 Trillion from Taxman in Tax Havens

Do you wonder why it's so hard to pay for adapting to the climate crisis, or what Mitt Romney, et alia, are really up to? Wonder no longer. £13tn: hoard hidden from taxman by global elite  Study estimates staggering size of offshore economy Private banks help wealthiest to move cash into havens Heather Stewart, business [...]

G20 Communiqué Hits Some Priorities, Misses Others

G20 Communiqué Hits Some Priorities, Misses Others June 21, 2012 By Nick Mathiason Nick Mathiason is the Assistant Communications Director of the Task Force, and also works as a business correspondent at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. He was previously Business Correspondent at the Guardian and Observer newspapers for 10 [...]

One Plan to Solve the Euro Zone’s Debt and Energy Crises

European Monetary Union (euro zone) has been front-and-center in the media again of late as sovereign and banking sector debt problems persist. Following in the footsteps of Greece, Ireland and Portgual, Spain this weekend became the latest euro zone “periphery” member to seek EU aid as it seeks to shore up banks ailing from a hangover of [...]

COEXISTing in a Steady State

Avarice is a vice, the exaction of usury is a misdemeanour, and the love of money is detestable. -  John Maynard Keynes   Poised on the brink of economic meltdown as we are, governments all over the world are baying frantically for growth. But growth is not the answer to our problems. Way back in the 1700’s Adam Smith recognized a [...]

ITUC OnLine: Young workers call on G20 Labour Ministers to tackle youth unemployment

INTERNATIONAL TRADE UNION CONFEDERATION (ITUC) ITUC OnLine 059/070512 Brussels, 14 May 2012 (ITUC OnLine):  Since the economic crisis began, the unemployment rise has hit young people particularly hard and threatens long-term growth potential. Breaking into the particularly damaging cycle of high and rising youth unemployment is necessary to [...]

May Day Statement–Governments must act for a sustainable and equitable recovery

Governments must act for a sustainable and equitable recovery It is more than five years since the financial crisis hit, followed rapidly by a larger economic crisis. This economic earthquake exposed the dangers of financialisation; of having the real economy subservient to finance; and of two decades of growing inequality. The resulting shock [...]

UN Highlights Importance of Investing in Initiatives That Support Sustainable Fishing

UN HIGHLIGHTS IMPORTANCE OF INVESTING IN INITIATIVES THAT SUPPORT SUSTAINABLE FISHING New York, Apr 26 2012 4:05PM The United Nations today highlighted the importance of investing in initiatives that seek to tackle overfishing and protect marine biodiversity, as well as inform consumers of the benefits of buying sustainable fish [...]

Carbon Disclosure Project Investor Roundtable

ASrIA BRIEFING: Carbon Disclosure Project Investor Roundtable Mark the date - 25 April, 2012 (Wednesday) for ASrIA Briefing: Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Investor Roundtable Low carbon growth is now widely accepted in Europe and North America as fundamental to generating long term shareholder value, avoiding dangerous climate change [...]

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