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January 11, 2013

India Grows at Night

Twenty-five years of high growth have made India one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. A majority of Indians will soon emerge from a struggle against want. Yet, faced with corruption, Indians wonder why they need a government at all. India needs a strong liberal state, writes Gurcharan Das, that is tough on corruption and unresponsive bureaucracy.

Coming Saturday: Gurcharan Das on India’s Future — Confessions of a Liberal-Minded Indian





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Women and Energy in India
The plight of Indian women is very much in the global headlines. Delhi-based Lydia Powell sheds light on a form of discrimination against Indian women that has dire consequences not just for their health but also for the global environment



E.O. Wilson: Tribalism, Groupism, Globalism
For all the talk about an interconnected world, one fundamental human trait has not lost any of its power: the penchant of humankind to organize itself in tribes. E.O. Wilson examines the roots of ethnocentrism.


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