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Air Pollution in China: The Kids Aren’t Alright

By Barbara Finamore – Thanks to a new analysis by the Health Effects Institute, we understand that nearly 40 percent of the world’s premature deaths attributable to air pollution (1.2 million people) occurred in China.  » Continue…

Mushrooms: Key to Safe and Natural Carbon Sequestration?

By Silvio Marcacci – A new study suggests mushrooms might be a key to natural carbon sequestration – removing large amounts of carbon dioxide from the air and safely storing it in forests – even after the trees die.  » Continue…


Siemens co-arranges Club Deal for two onshore wind projects in Scotland

xSiemens’ financing arm, Siemens Financial Services (SFS), announced its role as co-lead arranger in a GBP151 million (EUR 176 million) project finance package for two Fred.Olsen Renewables wind projects in Scotland.  » Continue…

Why Are Utilities Letting Other People Take All The Value?

By Rob Day – The traditional utility model is under threat. It’s becoming harder and harder to make profits managing wires that distribute centrally-sourced kilowatt-hours to end customers on demand.  » Continue…

Wind Energy Saw Record Growth, Shake-Up Among Top Players in 2012

By Aris Karcanias – Strong breezes continue to swirl in the rapidly growing global wind energy industry. But, despite the industry challenges and global economy, installations reached record levels in 2012, displaying the industry’s resiliency.  » Continue…

Discovery Means New Potential for Hydrogen from Plants

By Jessica Kennedy – A team has discovered a way to cheaply produce mass quantities of hydrogen using a simple sugar abundant in plants, opening potential to mass produce hydrogen fuel in an economical and environmentally friendly for the first time.  » Continue…

Rosie the Riveter On A Wind Turbine: Women And The Growing Green Economy

By Joseph Romm – Growing at a rate four times faster than all other jobs, the green sector offers new opportunities for good-paying jobs across the U.S. and raises the question: Are women benefiting from the transition to a green economy as much as men?  » Continue…

First Solar Crushes Solar Energy Efficiency Record

By Eric Wesoff – First Solar, the thin-film solar leader, just announced a new cadmium telluride solar module efficiency record that absolutely crushes the previous record, also held by First Solar.  » Continue…

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