Can Income Inequality Destabilize the U.S. Economy?

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March 29, 2013


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Can Income Inequality Destabilize the U.S. Economy?
Uri Dadush, Kemal Dervis, Sarah P. Milsom and Bennett Stancil | Income inequality is doing a lot more damage than just fraying the political culture.

Argentina: What the Pope Left Behind
Tim Harcourt | Now is the time for Argentina to stop gaming its economic statistics and focus on real economic reforms.

But Germans Do Consume
Holger Schmieding | Is there any truth to the idea that German austerity is harming Europe’s economic recovery?



The Globalist Research Center in the media

Brazil and the Global Battle to Eliminate Extreme Poverty 
Rogerio Studart’s op-ed has been published in the following newspapers around the world:

  China Daily | PDF
  Economic Times (India)
  Handelsblatt (Germany) (PDF only)
  Business Report (South Africa) | PDF



In case you missed it

Asia’s Lacking Pride
Stephan Richter | Why would the region want to copy the unhealthy eating habits of the West, when its dietary tradition is so much healthier?

How Obesity Can Derail China’s Growth
César Chelala | What measures can China take to stem the rising tide of obesity, particularly among its children?



Coming soon

Strengthening Resilience in Developing Countries
Eric Smith | Can giant insurance companies help small customers in developing countries bounce back from environmental catastrophes?



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