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ACEEE Names Three Champions of Energy Efficiency

ACEEE NEWS RELEASE Contact: Steven Nadel, 202-507-4011 Media Contact: Glee Murray, 202-507-4010 or 202-631-3753 ACEEE Names Three Champions of Ener g y Efficiency Pacific Grove, California (August 18, 2010): The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) presented three Champion of Energy Efficiency Awards last night at its [...]

Lia Diskin – Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation Award for promotion of Gandhian values

It is a joy to inform you that our co-founder, Lia Diskin, was offered the Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation 2010 International Award for her Contribution to Promotion of Gandhian Values outside India. This international distinction is offered yearly, and previous winners include Bishop Desmond Tutu, Johan Galtung, Sir Joseph Rottblat, Mr. Satish [...]

World Carryover Grain Stocks Fall to 72 Days of Consumption

World Carryover Grain Stocks Fall to 72 Days of Consumption Uncomfortably Close to Level Prior to 2007-08 Food Price Spike www.earthpolicy.org/index.php?/press_room/C68/2010_pressrelease1/ Earth Policy Release August 12, 2010 Estimates for this year’s global grain carryover stocks have fallen to 444 million tons, according to the [...]

More CPV Action: Greenvolts Scores $7.5M in VC

More CPV Action: Greenvolts Scores $7.5M in VC Concentrating Photovoltaics still showing some life—even in a highly competitive PV market. SEIA and GTM Research Partner for Comprehensive U.S. Solar Market Analysis The two organizations announce a partnership for collecting and publishing market data. For Electric Cars, Startups Propose [...]

Nanogram, Solar Dabbler, Sold to Japan’s Teijin for $23M

Nanogram, Solar Dabbler, Sold to Japan’s Teijin for $23M $60 million venture capital in, $23 million out. You do the math. Move Over Smart Meter, GainSpan Says WiFi is Here GainSpan is championing WiFi for home area networks with its new all-in-one modules. Strong Growth, But Are Rocky Times Coming for Wind? Wind is strong, but natural [...]

Royal Mail to make ‘substantial contributions’ to tackle £10.3bn scheme deficit

Royal Mail to make 'substantial contributions' to tackle £10.3bn scheme deficit UK – The trustee of the Royal Mail Pension Plan has reached an agreement with Royal Mail on funding that will involve "substantial contributions in excess of the current level". 29/07/10 12:00 Interest rates hit coverage ratios at large Dutch schemes UK [...]

Oncor Meters: Confirmed to be Accurate (Again)

Silver Spring, Oracle Win BGE Contract (Maybe) The cart may be in front of the horse, but here are the winners if B G E receives approval of its smart grid plan. Why Pick WiMax, Mesh Over Power Line? Cost. CenterPoint Energy thought about becoming an ISP. Utilities and power providers, meanwhile, may have to help consumers with [...]

Investors say extractives accounting proposals “insufficient”

August 11th, 2010 RI News Alert: › Investors say extractives accounting proposals “insufficient” › UK’s Co-operative raises stake in cleantech fund Click here to read the newsletter.

Norgrove to step down as chair of UK Pensions Regulator

Norgrove to step down as chair of UK Pensions Regulator UK – David Norgrove, chairman of the UK Pensions Regulator (TPR), is stepping down at the end of this year. 03/08/10 13:32 €4bn PWRI returns 8.2% with new investment strategy UK roundup: Mercer on longevity, F&C on inflation hedging Consultancy roundup: Hymans Robertson, Barnett [...]

Sheriff Warren, at Your Service!

She's our watchdog, our spokeswoman, Main Street 's woman in Washington , DC . Now, we're helping Elizabeth Warren earn one more title: first director of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Professor Warren has been fighting on behalf of consumers for decades, and her dedication to the cause coupled with her experience, her [...]

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