Lia Diskin – Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation Award for promotion of Gandhian values

kristy The Power of Yin

It is a joy to inform you that our co-founder, Lia Diskin, was offered the Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation 2010 International Award for her Contribution to Promotion of Gandhian Values outside India.

This international distinction is offered yearly, and previous winners include Bishop Desmond Tutu, Johan Galtung, Sir Joseph Rottblat, Mr. Satish Kumar, and many others.

Hers was lifetime of full dedication to the dissemination of Non-Violence as proposed by Gandhi, its application in Education, Social Work, Politics, Health, Justice, and Communication, as well as the dissemination of non-violent social technologies for conflict resolution and transformation. The Palas Athena Association team sees this prize as yet another acknowledgement of her contagious enthusiasm and creativity, which we have the privilege of sharing while supporting her work of strengthening social networks and educational programs. This recognition makes us feel part of the vital process of re-creating and improving coexistence between persons, religions and cultures.

Below please find the official letter sent by the Ambassador of India in Brazil on the subject.

Yours sincerely,

Basilio Pawlowicz, Felipe Fagundes, Flavio Rett, Julio Bierrenbach, Lucia Benfatti, and Paulina Berenstein.
The Palas Athena Association Executive Team