Sheriff Warren, at Your Service!

kristy Reforming Global Finance

She’s our watchdog, our spokeswoman, Main Street ‘s woman in Washington , DC . Now, we’re helping Elizabeth Warren earn one more title: first director of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Professor Warren has been fighting on behalf of consumers for decades, and her dedication to the cause coupled with her experience, her independence, and her efficiency make her the best person to lead the CFPB.

Thanks for responding to our last email and writing to your elected officials already. Your demonstration of support has increased the likelihood that Elizabeth Warren will be appointed and confirmed in a timely manner.

We’ve made it easy for you to take your support one step further. Use our online tool to send a Letter to the Editor of your local paper. Click here to send a letter today!

Those of us who have been following financial reform and consumer protection issues know how important the new CFPB will be and understand why Elizabeth Warren is the ideal candidate to lead it. Write today, and help make your community aware of this great opportunity for strong consumer protections. Your letter will add even more incentive for your elected officials to support Professor Warren’s hopeful nomination!

Heather Booth
Director, AFR

PS: Want to help even more? Help fund our fight to get Professor Warren nominated by clicking here!