More CPV Action: Greenvolts Scores $7.5M in VC

kristy Greentech

More CPV Action: Greenvolts Scores $7.5M in VC
Concentrating Photovoltaics still showing some life—even in a highly competitive PV market.

SEIA and GTM Research Partner for Comprehensive U.S. Solar Market Analysis
The two organizations announce a partnership for collecting and publishing market data.

For Electric Cars, Startups Propose Solid-State Batteries
Solid-state batteries take up less space and pack more power. But are they real?

SmartSynch Wins Memphis Light, Gas and Water Pilot
A pilot is one thing, but ML G W isn’t sold on cellular for full deployment.

AQT Reaches Production of CIGS Solar Cells Quickly and Cheaply
AQT is on the cusp of commercial-scale solar production at a fraction of the cost and time of its CI G S competitors.

PetroAlgae, With No Revenue, Files for IPO
Biofuel makers worry that the company could give algae a black eye.

eMeter Wins Contract in Taiwan
eMeter hopes to prove itself in Taiwan , in order to gain a toehold in the Asian smart grid market.

FERC Ruling Doesn’t Shut Down All FIT Options
An industry observer contends that the recent decision leaves many options open.