What’s ecosapien doing today?

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Headline from Future Earth-on-the-Mend

What’s ecosapien doing today?

Ecosapien’s wind/photon/PV electric sailing/delivering food on recombinant
hybrid (ecosapien +) bikecycle/triwheel (local/regional mfg.
processes passing full ecological audit) produce truck powered by: 1)
ecosapien (powered by local org food); 2) flexible PV panel sails (arranged
to catch wind if in good pushing direction or be configured on the fly to
just catch photons) on bike feeding aquion energy battery + energy capture
via regenerative braking and/or excess velocity energy capture to power 3)
mid-drive elec. motor energy assist for trike/ecosapien. Medium exchange on
delivery: renewables basket photosynthetic virtual currency.

Results: ecstatic transport; ecologically defensible profit/aka increased
energy increment above metabolic equilibrium necessary to power organismic
function as per all living entities: 1% ecologically-audited allowed.

What’s your future ecosapien doppelganger doing today?

d el h, Ozark Nation