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From our colleague, Leland Lehrman, who helps organize and promote all these projects which Ethical Markets supports, Hazel Henderson, Editor

Friends –

Earth Day with Green Festivals and The Big Fix movie will be huge this year. For the UN and Delicious Evolution, it will be a staging area for Rio+20 on the Solstice. For those who have not yet seen the Rio+20 Delicious Evolution collaboration, please see this document:

Rio+20 Delicious Evolution Presentation

Here’s what’s cooking in NYC and nationwide, I look forward to your updates.

Green Festivals is at the Javits Center April 21-22. One of those nights TBD, The Big Fix, a radical revision of what really happened around the Gulf Oil Spill will screen. It is a motivating and mobilizing activist movie. Fund Balance will be coordinating an effort with our Short Monsanto/Short BP unit to see that it takes several billion off the share price and market cap at BP, including a media and investor relations outreach. The directors are Sundance Award Winners and we are reaching out to big names such as Norman Lear and Robert DeNiro with requests to blow the event up large and sharp enough to pop the Koch brothers Fox News reality bubble. The Tickell’s next movie is called Freedom, and is all about solutions such as waste to energy and cellulosic ethanol. We will be introducing the Fund Balance James Hanusa Quanta Go Green roadhouse healthy green built and powered convenience store model and the hydrogen infrastructure efforts of the World Business Academy.

We will also be producing a series of Delicious Evolution dinners and events at farms, greenmarkets, farm to table restaurants and other venues around the country that feature the collaboration of farmers, chefs, artists, activists and social entrepreneurs. Venues who have responded with interest include Battery Park, ABC Kitchen, Palo Santo, Ma Peche, Telepan, Gramercy Tavern, Back Forty, Green Table, Pure Food and Wine.

Green Economy Think Tank Events including Earth Day aligned events in New Orleans, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Washington DC, will stream into the consciousness and we are in the process of designing arts and culture intersections.

Here are some thoughts for takeaways and action items from Fund Balance, Green Economy Think Tank and Delicious Evolution:

1. Plant a garden, do a seed swap, talk to your neighbors, share land, ideas, tools, kind words, arts and culture. Sing a song, whistle a tune.
2. Join a CSA or neighborhood public garden or open space collaborative.
3. Shop & dine local, organic.
4. Move your money, your bank account, your investments, your retirement, your network’s investments into SRI ESG, social enterprise, B corps, BALLE networks, timebanks.
5. Trend vegetarian and vegan for health and climate.
6. Put solar, wind, geothermal in your house, on your roof, in your backpack, in your vehicle or wherever you can. Revisit draft animal power @
7. Offset your emissions with high quality, socially conscious carbon credits that subscribe to and fund high standards of Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB)
8. Get active, speak to your political, economic and cultural leaders about what’s important to you, organize conversations, dinners, screenings, concerts, speakers and field days.
9. Get off the grid. Get into nature. Find a clear spring and drink straight from the source. Start a conversation with Nature. Smile with the Sun and Earth.

Let us know what we can do better. Forward this message to those in or out of the network.

We’ve raised $500 towards our $1000 initial validation goal. If we are on the right track, hit our fundraising page, like it, share it, and tweet it. Please make a contribution. If not, let us know how we can do better. Now let’s get some sun, fresh air, clean water, good food, good company, arts, culture and real life.

I’m on call by phone or email 24/7 through Earth Day.

Fund Balance, Delicious Evolution
(518) 392-0952