WEBINAR: How to Invest in Economic Inclusion with CDFI’s

Jay Owen Community Development Solutions, Transforming Finance

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Investing in Economic Inclusion Through CDFIs

Thursday September 12th
11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET

Dear Friends of GreenMoney,

We’re all aware of the growing wealth gap in America and many of us are looking for ways to effect change outside of charitable giving. Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) present a compelling opportunity to invest locally, financing small business loans, job creation and affordable housing development in the communities that need it most.

What are CDFIs and how do they effect change?

This webinar will introduce CDFIs, their background and the decades-long work they’ve been doing to increase economic inclusion in America. You’ll hear directly from a Georgia-based CDFI about their work on the ground to provide financial resources to the local communities they serve.

Learn how you can mobilize investments in this often overlooked $140B market that’s changing the real economy one loan at a time. We’ll cover timely real-world examples of how investors can achieve both place-based and thematic impact investment goals by working with CDFIs, as well as new technologies that are making it dramatically easier to access and invest in CDFIs at scale.

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Hosted By:

Cat Berman

Martina Edwards
Chief of Strategic Partnerships
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