The world faces an invisible crisis of water quality.

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Beneath the surface: The invisible water crisis

The world faces an invisible crisis of water quality that is eliminating potential economic growth and threatening human and environmental well-being. Learn more in our new report, Quality Unknown.

Why it’s never too early to think about getting old

When that time comes, pensions will play a critical role as a source of income, poverty prevention and insurance to safeguard long lives.

Betting on digital payments in Bhutan

A new e-payment system supports seamless—and cashless—transactions between the government and banking systems, allowing salaries, pensions, payments, and benefits to be delivered without manual intervention.


Meet 3 young leaders tackling youth unemployment

“Globally, unemployment is hitting young people the hardest. The ILO estimates that youth unemployment rates are 300 percent higher than unemployment rates for adults over 25 years old, and higher than unemployment among any other age group. To add to this, many youth are also not enrolled in education or training. But young people are not standing by and waiting for opportunities to come their way.”

Sonia Madhvani and Timothy Clay – August 12