Upcoming Webcasts on Energy Strategies & Employee Engagement

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Upcoming Complimentary Webcasts

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Inspiring Employees to Join the Net-Zero World


When a company sets net-zero goals, how should it think about the footprint of employees, particularly in an increasingly “hybrid” working world? In this webinar, experts in employee engagement, behavior change, Scope 3 emissions and new emerging offset options will discuss the future of the “net-zero employee.” In this webcast, you’ll learn how to: engage employees in sustainability and carbon mitigation efforts, equip employees with their own personalized footprint and action plan, and more. … read more.




The Energy Trifecta: Finding the Right Energy Balance for Your Organization

Simply announcing corporate sustainability goals is one thing. But when it comes to achieving those goals, organizations often find themselves in a balancing act with three competing drivers: sustainability, affordability and resiliency. How exactly are businesses, universities and municipalities supposed to drive fast and furious carbon reduction goals while still reducing costs and ensuring more reliable backup power for their operations? … read more.