The JOBS Act – Transforming the Financial Markets

Ethical Markets Crowdfunding

New Legislation, New Markets, New Opportunities
The JOBS ACT is reshaping our financial markets. Learn how to raise capital and maximize returns in a transforming market structure. Discuss the new legislation with those instrumental in creating it. Specific discussion points will include:
  • Raising capital & maximizing returns as U.S. market structure evolves
  • The raising of the shareholder threshold to 2000
  • Why companies are staying private longer
  • What went wrong with the Facebook IPO
  • The lack of aftermarket support & growth in the public markets
  • Private company liquidity options
  • Uncovering Pre-IPO investment opportunities
  • Using retirement accounts to gain diversified exposure to some of the fastest growing private companies


“Crowdfund This!”

Below is an excerpt of an interview that NowStreet’s Dara Albright recently gave to Mark Wallace of Capitalist Exploits, a community of globe-trotting capitalists who seek unique and profitable investment opportunities in exotic and frontier markets, typically in the private equity space.

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