The Foundation’s news roundup for May

Jay Owen Green Prosperity, Resource Efficiency, Latest Headlines

Foundation welcomes IKEA as Strategic Partner

The partnership between Inter IKEA Group and the Foundation will focus on putting the home furnishing business on the global circular map and accelerating the transition to a circular economy within IKEA and beyond. Working together, one of our first projects will be to develop a common glossary of terms to support an industry-wide transition.

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Exploring circular economy opportunities for Covid-19 recovery The Covid-19 recovery requires a resilient circular economy
Identifying opportunities, keeping a clear sense of direction, and fostering a strong public-private collaboration will help usher in redefined growth towards the next wave of prosperity.
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A circular economy for food in a post-Covid-19 world
While the pandemic has laid bare the existing challenges of the agriculture system, exposing people to disruption and hunger, it has also unveiled the extraordinary resilience of certain communities, reinforcing that food is unlike any other commodity.
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Be part of our online learning opportunities Foundation launches live circular economy showExplore the Circular Economy will broadcast your favourite circular economy stories every Tuesday from 12pm to 12:30pm GMT+1 on our YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter channels. Subscribe to our channels and join us live to take part in the discussion or catch up with earlier episodes on our website.