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The World Hydrogen Leaders Platform is an online networking and content delivery platform designed to accelerate the production and distribution of clean hydrogen. Annual subscribers can for a modest fee access 12 monthly conferences and a whole host of extra benefits, networking events, content and peer to peer support and expertise.Last week, premium members accessed the first Monthly Hydrogen Conference…

Last week Premium Members attended the first digital monthly conference, The World Hydrogen Policy Conference.


During this conference, our premium members heard from 18 international Hydrogen experts including this fascinating presentation from Noe van Hulst, Hydrogen Envoy, Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy, the Netherlands ——->

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World Hydrogen Leaders – Monthly Digital Conferences

Over the upcoming months we will be delivering a series of monthly conferences online. Below you can see what’s coming up:


If you have any questions about how you can get involved in any of the above conferences then please get in touch.


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