CleanTech Nation Webinar: 3-D Printing, Clean Tech, and Sustainability

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3-D Printing, Clean Tech, and Sustainability. This session with Ethical Markets Advisor and partner Janine Benyus, author of Biomimicry and co-founder of Biomimicry 3.8, looks at the positive possibilities of 3-D printing – beyond making more junk with unknowable, likely toxic chemical goops.   You can view the recorded session here: Many …

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Futurist Update: Designing Clothing for Space Travel

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    In this issue: ·        Designing Clothing for Space Travel ·        Smartphone Ownership Passes 55% of U.S. Adults ·        A Big Data Approach to Detecting Viruses ·        With More Hunger Comes More Risk Taking ·        What’s Hot in THE FUTURIST Magazine   Advertisement  The Annual Conference of the World Future Society: July 19-21, 2013, at …

Alternative Energy: Wind Farm Energy Innovation in the UK

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Alternative Energy Wind Farm Energy Innovation in the UK Forecast: Cost Of PV Panels To Drop To $0.36/Watt By 2017 Wind industry declares it’s had enough of anti-wind nonsense Lifesaving Solar Power For Army’s “Firefly” Sniper Detection System Germany Opens Another Hybrid Wind Power Plant MIT’s Mapdwell Project Tracks Sustainable …