New Horizons for Eco-Labels and Sustainability

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The inaugural Latin American edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit drew to a successful close in São Paulo. About 140 senior executives from the food industry discussed sustainability issues over the 2-day summit. There were calls to develop local markets for sustainable foods in the region, as well as prevent the proliferation in …

Register Now: Biomimicry Pioneer Janine Benyus Added to 3-D Printing Webinar

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Special Solari Report: Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012

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We thank Catherine Austin Fitts for this succinct guide to the JOBS ACT, – Hazel Henderson, Editor By Carolyn A. Betts, Esq. with Catherine Austin Fitts The following table compares the crowdfunding provisions enacted in Title 3 of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (“JOBS Act”) (as well as a …

A Brief Overview of Why You May not be Able to Resist Advertising with Children and Puppies

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The Current State of Ethical Advertising  by Maria O. Pinochet, Ethical Markets Research Advisory Board Historically, the role of advertising has been to communicate the offer of a service or product in order to inform audiences about the details of place and price. In turn, the viewers, listeners and readers …

Sustainability News: Signed, Sealed… Delivered?

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Update > March 2011 Signed, Sealed… Delivered? With today’s global supply chains and growing array of consumption-related sustainability issues, it is no wonder that eco-labels abound. These independently verified, on-pack labels promote value chain sustainability; their goal is to improve production standards and create greater trust while influencing behaviour – …