Smart Planet Weekly: Can we crowdfund gun control?

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October 27, 2013

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From the Desk of …

Gun control advocates in the U.S. haven’t made strides nationally in many years. Is it time for the crowd to try tackling gun violence locally? Plus, Chris Nelder is back with another ‘good news’ column. Read on and weigh in.

– Aly Windsor, News Editor




The Report

Can we crowdfund gun control?

After Congress failed to pass gun-control legislation after the Sandy Hook mass shooting, a new group had an idea: have citizens finance removing guns from the streets.

By Laura Shin

The Take

U.S. support of grid energy storage charges up

California’s new procurement mandate, the emergence of microgrids, and innovative financial models could accelerate new deployments of centralized and distributed grid storage capacity.

By Chris Nelder

Global Observer

Spain, once a gastronomic leader, sees rise in discount dining

BARCELONA — Spain, known for leading restaurants such as the shuttered El Bulli, has seen a new type of dining establishment succeed during its recession: the discount dining chain.

By Jennifer Riggins


How Hong Kong’s high rents stifle innovation

HONG KONG — With shop leases that only global brands can afford, the city’s small businesses are driven out, while young entrepreneurs see no room to innovate.

By Vanessa Ko


Business Brains

Disruptor | Dov Seidman, founder and CEO, LRN

One of the hottest advisers on corporate culture suggests business leaders spend far too much time enforcing compliance and far too little encouraging ethical behavior.

By Heather Clancy

Pure Genius

Q&A: Daniel Goleman, author and psychologist, on finding focus in a world of distractions

The bestselling writer who touted the importance of emotional intelligence turns his focus to … focus.

By Molly Petrilla




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