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Woody TaschWoody Tasch Dear Slow Money Friend,
A Sept. 14 New York Times article by respected financial reporter Gretchen Morgenson led with the unfortunate headline: “After a Financial Flood, Pipes Are Still Broken.” I say unfortunate because on the same day, an Associated Press lead story started this way:

BOULDER, Colo. ? As rescuers broke through to flood-ravaged Colorado towns, they issued a stern warning Saturday to anyone thinking of staying behind:

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Get Ready for the Slow Money Gatheround

On Oct. 22, we will host the first Slow Money Gatheround, a live online event featuring four fermented food companies that are seeking funding and nationally recognized author and fermentation expert Sandor Katz. One of the presenting companies is Boulder-based Ozuké Pickled Things. Two years ago, lifelong friends Mara King and Willow King, who are not related, started making live, raw krauts and kimchi together in Willow’s kitchen, mostly for family and friends. See more.

The Art of Fermentation

An excerpt by Sandor Katz

Little could I have imagined, as a New York City kid who loved pickles, that those delicious, crunchy, garlicky sour pickles would lead me on such an extraordinary journey of discovery and exploration. In fact, products of fermentation—not only pickles, but also bread, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, salami, vinegar, soy sauce, chocolate, and coffee, as well as beer and wine—were prominent in my family’s diet (as they are in many, if not most, people’s), though we never talked about them as such.  See more.
Sandor Katz shares his fermenting expertise online at 11 a.m. MST Oct. 22 during our first Slow Money Gatheround. This excerpt is from his book “The Art of Fermentation” (Chelsea Green, 2011).

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<a href=Video EmbedSocial capital investor Joel Solomon says Slow Money helps people understand how money can be used in a soulful way to help build the economic changes we need. Click above to find out more. Solomon is the chairman for Renewal Funds and president and CEO of Renewal. Please send us your own Slow Money Minute telling us what “bringing money back down to earth” means to you and how what you do in the world dovetails with the Slow Money principles and vision.

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Reported by Bren Ames.
Equity-based crowdfunding platform launched, Web portal pending, exploring revolving loan fund.
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Judy Wicks’ Book Is a Good Read
If you haven’t yet read trailblazer Judy Wicks’ new book “Good Morning, Beautiful Business: The Unexpected Journey of an Activist and Local Economy Pioneer” (Chelsea Green, 2013), then do yourself a huge favor and order it now. See more.

National Public Radio: Here and Now

Bezos Could Give Washington Post the Gift of Time

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