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New Loan to Eureka Recycling

Demonstrating that waste is preventable, not inevitable 

RSF Read more on the Reimagine Money Blog

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Thin Margins, Deep Trust – Part II

A follow-up to the recent pricing change

We received valuable feedback, by blog post comment, phone calls and a few emails, on the recent pricing change. Most clients and readers appreciated our Read more on the Reimagine Money Blog 

Los Angeles Community Reception

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You’re invited to join RSF Click here for more information & to register 

We’re Hiring!

Lending Manager or Senior Lending Manager

RSF seeks to hire a full-time Lending Manager or Senior Lending Manager to be responsible for business development, assessing social impact of borrowers, preparing initial credit memoranda, and maintaining a portfolio of existing loans. The application deadline isFebruary 23rdVisit our jobs page to learn more & apply

Inside RSF Webinar

P1000425 2An Introduction to RSF Programs and Activities 

Please join us on March 26th at 1pm PDT for the quarterly Inside RSF Social Finance webinar. The purpose of this Click here for more information & to register

Expressive Arts Therapy

Denise Boston 2Responding to Traumatic and Emotional Experiences 

As a society, we have come a long way in the field of mental health over the past few decades. Improving the treatment and quality of life for individuals who live with serious mental illnesses as well as people who struggle with traumatic life events such as hunger and food insecurity, violence, cultural stigmatization, and social trauma, has been at the forefront of the work of many healing practitioners and therapists all over the world. The expressive arts therapy field specifically, has given increased attention to creative and liberatory approaches to health, wellness, and trauma intervention. Read more on the Reimagine Money Blog 

Money & Biography Workshop

sequoiaMarch 14-16, Ben Lomond, CA

Money plays an important part in our lives, and yet we rarely examine our relationship to it, or how our attitudes and behaviors around it are entwined with our biographies. This workshop, co-led by Leah Walker of the Center for Biography and Social Arts, and John Bloom, Senior Director of Organizational Culture at RSF, will be an opportunity to begin or further the exploration of money and biography through reflection, artistic exercises, and shared experiences in a safe environment. Click here for more information 

Upcoming Events

March 6RSF Community Reception – Los Angeles, March 14-16Money & Biography Workshop – Ben Lomond, March 14-15Tempus Conference – Phoenixville, PA
March 26Inside RSF Webinar
March 26-28NGFN Food Hub Conference – Raleigh, NC
April 13-16SEA Summit – Nashville, TN
April 24-27SVN Spring Conference – San Diego, CA