RocketHub and FreshDirect Turn to the Crowd to Find the Next Big Food Thing

Jay Owen Crowdfunding

RocketHub and FreshDirect Partner Up to Find the ‘Next Big Food Thing’ — What’s in a (brand) name? A lot, RocketHub is betting. The crowdfunding platform has previously partnered with the likes of A&E and Dodge, and are currently running a food experiment with FreshDirect. We speak with ceo and co-founder Brian Meece to discuss its latest partnership, and why the platform is so keen on forging relationships with big-name brands.


A Glance at FundRazr’s Visitors, Contributors, and Creators [Infographic]

FundRazr, a crowdfunding platform that has deep integration with Facebook, released some statistics about its visitors, backers, and creators recently, in (everybody’s favorite) infographic form. We take a look.

Talking Crowdfunding Fraud with the Drop Kicker Duo

We speak with ch00f and Occam’s Chainsaw of Drop Kicker, a blog that looks at crowdfunding projects and calls out potentially misleading claims. We discuss crowdfunding fraud, the recently-canceled Rock smartwatch campaign on Kickstarter, and how wisdom of the crowd can fail backers.

Harnessing the Power of the Millennial Generation Through Crowdfunding

Cori Snedecor, co-founder of recently-launched environmental crowdfunding platform, writes in to discuss the importance of wooing the Millenial generation when running a crowdfunding campaign.

Incubate London Partners with Kauffman Foundation, Bringing FastTrac Classes to Crowd Fund Magic

Incubate London, the firm that powers white label platform Crowd Fund Magic (CFM), recently announced that it has partnered with the Kauffman Foundation. We spoke with co-founder Chandrima Singh to find out what the partnership means for CFM’s clients, and additional services the crowdfunding solution offers.

Crowdfunding Advice You Won’t Find in a Rule Book

Rose Spinelli of The Crowdfundamentals writes in with her latest tip of the week. The best way to decode for yourself how to make crowdfunding work for you is to bone up on the science but focus on the art, she suggests.

UK Equity Crowdfunding Grew 600 Percent This Year [Infographic]

Crowdfunding in the UK has exploded over the past year, a recent report on the alternative finance market found. How much did equity crowdfunding platforms raise in 2011, 2012, and 2013? Check out the infographic here to find out.