Exciting News for both You and Jean Houston

Jay Owen Global Citizen

This November is truly a time for celebration.


Meridian University has offered, and Jean has accepted, the honor of serving as Chancellor of Meridian University. Jean will bring to this position her extensive background with the United Nations, UNICEF, and her work with U.S. Presidents, governments, and individuals, nationally and internationally.


jean houston has spent a lifetime traveling the world to teach about the great possibilities we each possess. She has encouraged governments as well as individuals to invest their gifts for the well being of their communities and nations, and has spoken eloquently of every individual’s importance in these unprecedented times of change.


Jean’s teaching has contributed to the creation of new initiatives in education, politics, women’s and children’s welfare, socially conscious theater, new water systems in drought stricken areas, improvements in social justice programs, and profound personal growth. Her unique approach to revisioning the stories and myths of individuals and cultures has stimulated imagination and extraordinary creativity, and has contributed to a nobler, more significant understanding of ourselves and our roles in the world today.




Meridian University, founded in 1993, is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. From its inception, Jean Houston’s writings and teachings have been central to the education offered at Meridian.


Meridian University is offering a Master’s and Ph.D. program for those who wish to develop professionally, based on Jean Houston’s principles of human potential, personal growth, mythology, reinvention of self and society, and creative action that enhances the well being of groups, organizations and cultures.


The Master’s and Ph.D. program is open to qualified candidates who hold a Bachelor’s Degree. This exciting new course of study, entitled Leadership and Social Transformation, will consist of two, one-week sessions of coursework in residence twice each year, one week in the winter and one week in the summer. The balance of the coursework will be held online.


This program begins in February, 2014. Depending on availability of space, individuals may be able to participate in the weeklong sessions without being enrolled in a degree program.


For further information on this course of study in Leadership and Social Transformationclick here.

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