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1) New website – Check it out!

We’re working hard to find the right format, right style and right language to get as many people as possible interested in the problems with the way money is created by banks. Have a look at our new website – we hope you like it and want to share it with your friends 🙂

Challenge: can you get 3 friends to look at ournew  website and sign up to receive our fortnightly newsletter?

We’re very pleased that with your support, we’re currently covering over 50% of its costs from monthly donations from supporters, combined with book sales. But we really need to increase our supporter base to continue our research, education, and campaigning work, and to keep up with the new opportunities that come up every week. We can’t do it without your help. You can help by sharing the new website and video or alternatively by donating monthly or once-off.

2) New video: What is money?

We all use money, we all rely on money. But do we know how money works? Where does money come from?

Watch now (2 minutes) and share with your friends.

Challenge: can you get 3 friends to watch the video and sign up to receive our fortnightly newsletter?

3) Campaigns outside UK

There are already similar campaigns in 10 countries and more are starting! Check out this pagefor organisations who argue the case for monetary reform along the same or similar lines as Positive Money.

We are going to be launching an international money reform website very soon! Watch this space.

4) Upcoming Events

London, Thu 16 May – Break up the banks (event organized by Occupy Economics)

London, Mon 20 May – Modernising Money – Reading group

West Yorkshire, Tue 21 May – Screening & Discussion

Hay on Wye, Sat 25 May – Modernising Money at HAY Festival Wales

London, Sun 26 May – Sunday Papers Live” with Ben Dyson

University of Cumbria, Fri 7 June – Talk ‘The Money Myth’ by Prof Bendell

London, 10-11 June – Economics is for everyone (Workshop organized by the Jubilee Debt Campaign)


5) Latest from the Blog

The City and the Common Good – Good Money (video) – video from the last week’s event at St Paul’s with Lord Skidelsky, chaired by BBC’s Stephanie Flanders

Banks must deal in ‘real’ money to recover economy (video) – interview with Ben Dyson (2 min)

Poor old George

Charter for a New Financial System