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May 2013


Let’s say you just had a wonderful, deep draught of crystal-clear, cold well water after a long day of working in the field. Would you have to say just which drops slaked your thirst the best? So, I’m tempted to invoke Deep Draught of Crystal-Clear Cold Well Water Amnesty with respect to our national gathering and merely steer you toward the video and text resources that captured the proceedings.  Read letter.

Woody Tasch

Woody Tasch

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Hundreds of Slow Money National Gathering attendees spilled out of the Boulder Theater after the Closing Town Hall Meeting.

Evolutionary Revolutionaries Take the Stage at Slow Money National Gathering

Carlo Petrini said it best, as he does most things—not least because he says them in lyrical, baritonal Italian. Early one morning during the fourth Slow Money National Gathering in late April in Boulder, Colorado, the white-bearded 63-year-old described to a journalist how the Slow Food movement he founded in 1986 has changed over time.

Video Embed

Watch the video short above to catch a few snippets from the fourth Slow Money National Gathering.

Photography: Kirstin Boyer (top), Cary Jobe (middle)

Illustrations by Jere Dean / Urban Octopus

“As a first timer to the Slow Money gathering, I was blown away. I found the event moving, provocative, inspirational, daunting, overwhelming, and heartwarming. I left the meeting wondering what I could do personally as well as professionally to galvanize, encourage or participate in the happy, healthy, positive change that you, your colleagues, and all the participants believe in and are making happen.”

– Mary McBryde,
The Lyme Timber Company


“I am not sure if you have ever had the experience of listening to a few words spoken in a certain order at a certain time and having them act like a key, unlocking deeper understanding. The event was like that for me.”

– Dominick Sekich,
Moye White LLP
Attorneys at Law


The Buck Slows Here

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