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By Hazel Henderson©

We usually expect mainstream media to report all political stories across the conventional “flat earth“  LEFT-RIGHT SPECTRUM …. thus missing all the granular detail.

This diagram appeared in my “The Politics of the Solar Age“  Doubleday, New York (1981), reviewed approvingly in the New York Times and Britain’s New Scientist, and now in 800 libraries around the world in over 20 languages.

The idea that Western democratic politics was actually best seen as a circular spectrum came to me first in the 1980s when I was invited by Petra Kelly and the other founders of Germany’s Green Party.  They told me that media reporters were always referring to them as a “ fringe”, “left“ , “far left”  party.  In exasperation, the Greens proclaimed in their materials with their famous sunflower logo “WE ARE NEITHER LEFT NOR RIGHT … WE ARE AHEAD!”

This is how I describe all the wonderful members of the 116th Congress who joined with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey in supporting their Resolution for the GREEN NEW DEAL!   Instead of fighting the tired old ideological battles of the 19th and 20th centuries and the cold war, the supporters of this GREEN NEW DEAL are looking to  building the infrastructure, jobs and inclusive, democratic, knowledge-richer next state in human technological evolution .

We agree with The Economist  with their visual ( June 1, 2019, p77):     Graphic Detai: Europe’s Elections, “Centrist Liberals, not Populists, gained the most power in the EU Parliament”.  The clearer picture has still to emerge: of an ecologically-aware, broader science-based coalition emerging to tackle 21st century climate change and all the other self-inflicted problems caused by our cognitive biases, myopic perception, ideologies and politics.

But the victories of Green parties, independents and supporters of the EU are indicating that the circular spectrum of democratic politics is turning toward circular economies, as we show in our new Green Transition Scoreboard® released May 29:

“TRANSITIONING TO SCIENCE-BASED INVESTING: 2019-2020” pointing out the risks of science-denial and all the new science-based startups in meat-free, plant-based foods and beverages.     

~Hazel Henderson, Editor”