Invite to OACC 32

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You are invited to The 32nd Annual Convening of the Ozark Area Community Congress…

OACC 32 – September 30 – Oct. 2, 2011
Ananda Kanan International Retreat Center, Willow Springs, MOzarks
Hi David,

All those who love and care about the Ozarks are invited to gather together once again to celebrate, appreciate, and learn from this phenomenal part of the Earth and each other…

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Our Theme For This 32nd Year:


For the true energy of the Ozarks, we return to what we have been naturally given in conscious alliance with nature. Sun, wind, water, gifts of the woods, fields, gardens and soil, amplified by our responsible innovations, celebrated by our home grown culture through the best of the old and the new.


-The first and longest-standing bioregional congress.

-An ecologically-aware child- and family-friendly community village where together we learn, play, relax, and take care of each other.

-A meeting place for ecologically-informed, creative, talented people, growers, activists, operators of small businesses, musicians, writers and innovators; where you can meet with others about what’s of interest to you. OACC is just plain useful, valuable, and often life-changing!

-A decades-long forum for a sustainable and regenerative economy for the Ozarks.

-A place to network and get informed about significant issues affecting our lives in the Ozarks, in an ecological context.

OACC is a celebration of the Ozarks and all things restorative and ecological!

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