Good environmental policy is good economic policy

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While a political storm brews in Washington over deficit reduction, severe storms are on the rise, as Hurricane Irene reminded us when it swept up the eastern seaboard.

For years, Congress has attempted to appease corporate energy interests rather than produce good climate policy, and with the economy in trouble, the climate crisis is all but ignored. The thing is that good climate policy and good economic policy go hand in hand.

PDA supports the Carbon Tax as good climate policy and good economic policy. This free-market mechanism levels the playing field for the green economy to grow while addressing global warming, and it can address deficit reduction as well.

Click here to tell your senators and representatives to support the Carbon Tax.

Ice StormIn 2011 alone, taxpayers have so far footed a $33.5 billion bill for post-storm cleanup from weather events made more severe by global warming. Addressing the climate crises will save additional billions in saved cleanup costs for less severe weather.

Tell Congress that good environmental policy is good economic policy.

In addition, Friends of the Earth has identified $380 billion in environmentally beneficial spending cuts in their Green Scissors Report. (Use this tool to find your legislators, then compose and send your own message.) And, our friends at Public Citizen are calling for an end to taxpayer-funded subsidies to big oil. Please sign the petition.

Tornado and LightningWith storms becoming more frequent and severe—and as the associated costs continue to rise—for future generations, we must demand deficit reductions that benefit the economy and our environment.

For a green future,

PDA Stop Global Warming Issue Team