Globalization 4.0; designer babies; humans are underrated

Jay Owen Trendspotting

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Grappling with globalization 4.0. The world isn’t ready for what’s coming.
?  Explore: Future of Economic Progress

National Jealousy Day. Finland has just published everyone’s taxes.
?  Explore: Public Finance and Social Protection


In Focus: Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils

The new geopolitical order. The inevitable collision of three new geographies.

Designer babies? Ethics for new reality of genome editing.

Humans are underrated. Why the future of manufacturing still needs us.

Death will be optional. 7 predictions for the biotech century.


On the Agenda

Want to reduce face-to-face interactions? Make your office open-plan.

Children like to hear the same story again and again — for a good reason.

Will ‘they’ become ‘us’? Understanding the real debates about immigration.

Meet the new meats — and a possible solution to world hunger.

On our radar

The mathematics of social conflict. An AI simulates society.

Corpse hotels. New ways of dying in an aging society.

High-frequency trading from outer space.

Too many smoking guns. The economics of the Great War.

We all still feel the effects. Why the Great Recession did more damage than the Great Depression.


The World Economic Forum in the news

Globalization is here to stay. Quotes Forum president Børge Brende. (Telegraph)

How to make global climate action go viral. An op-ed by a Forum lead. (Forbes)

When robots ring the bell. Cites Future of Jobs Report. (New York Times)

Globalization 4.0 theme of 2019 Forum annual meeting. (Xinhua)

Rwanda and Alibaba launch electronic trade platform  which the Forum helped create. (The East African)