Making Agriculture Cool

Jay Owen Global Citizen, Sustainability News

Diversifying Crops to Help Overcome Drought in Brazil
Mario Osava

Dozens of trucks used to leave São Gonçalo every day, carrying the local agricultural production, mainly coconuts, to markets throughout Brazil, including the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, more than 2,000 kilometers away. The prosperity of that district in Sousa, a municipality in the … MORE > >

Marco Napoli, 86, Ensured the Survival of IPS at UN
Thalif Deen

Marco Napoli, who passed away on November 6, began his early professional career as a New York-based correspondent for several international news organizations, including the Italian Il Progresso News, back in the 1960s, long before he was Regional Director, IPS North America. … MORE > >

Making Agriculture Cool
Busani Bafana

At every conference she has attended on the youth, Nawsheen Hosenally has been frustrated to hear that agriculture is not ‘cool’. The 29-year-old graduate in agricultural extension and information systems knew she wanted to do something to redeem the image of agriculture among young people. So … MORE > >

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Suspended for Two Years, IOM Resumes Voluntary Humanitarian Return Flights from Southern Libya
International Organization for Migration

The UN Migration Agency, IOM, resumed its Voluntary Humanitarian Return Programme (VHR) in Libya’s southern city of Sebha yesterday (08/11). VHR provides support to stranded migrants wishing to return to their home countries. In recent months, IOM has been expanding its outreach in the south … MORE > >

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Alert! Hunger and Obesity on the Rise in Latin America for Third Year in a Row
Orlando Milesi

“For the third consecutive year there is bad news” for Latin America and the Caribbean, where the numbers of hungry people have increased to “39.3 million people,” or 6.1 percent of the population, Julio Berdegué, FAO’s regional representative, said Wednesday. At the regional headquarters of the … MORE > >