Connecting city leaders to global leaders at Rio+20 Global Town Hall – 18-22 June, Athletes Park, Rio de Janeiro

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“Our struggle for global sustainability will be won or lost in cities”.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

With 3 billion new urban dwellers moving into cities in the next three decades, local governments are crucial actors to ensure a sustainable future. The Rio+20 Global Town Hall, organized by ICLEI with the support of many partners and endorsers, will be the main forum to discuss the sustainable urban future at the Rio+20 Conference.

Ground-breaking presentations, dialogues and debates on 18-22 June 2012

On 18 and 20 June a rich program of presentations and debates, co-organized by ICLEI with partners and cities, will highlight the experience and capacities of local governments and their concrete contri­butions towards a sustainable future by 2030. Click here for more details on the program of these days:

On 21 June, at the high-level Cities Leadership Day, ICLEI is convening leaders from all level of govern­ments and other major players to look into what decisions need to be taken today, to ensure a sustaina­ble future by 2030. An impressive line of speakers have already confirmed, including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, as well as Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of UNFCCC; Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit; and many others. The Cities Leadership Day will be followed, at 19:00, by ICLEI’s side event “Decisions we need for the city of 2030”, taking place in Riocentro, in room P3-6 (tbc).

On 22 June, the final day of the UN Summit, in the special session “Rio+20 balance”, convened by the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro and co-facilitated by ICLEI , local and sub-national government associations will present the concluding messages from the previous days of discussions and negotiations to the world.

Come visit us at the Rio State Pavilion, Athletes Park

Hosted by the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro in their Pavilion, the Rio+20 Global Town Hall will be held at Athletes Park, across the street from the official Rio+20 proceedings, ensuring easy participation in and synergies between the two events.

For more information about the Rio+20 Global Town Hall, access, registration, location, program and speakers, visit or write to [email protected]

See you at the Rio+20 Global Town Hall!

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