Ammonia Energy Newsletter #3.116: Renewable ammonia in China

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February 28, 2019

This week we are foregoing our usual quota of two stories in favor of a single one that has extra weight.

Cédric Philibert of the International Energy Agency has been investigating the economics of power-to-ammonia when the power comes from multiple renewable energy resources. The results are provocative, and they have not been published anywhere else. We are grateful to Cédric and his colleague Julien Armijo for their consultations over the last three weeks as we developed the story.

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IEA Analysis: Green Chinese P2A Could Compete with Brown NH3

By Stephen Crolius on Feb 28, 2019 10:56 am

The IEA has developed a rigorous economic model to examine the proposition that resource intermittency can be managed by siting hydrogen facilities where variable renewable energy (VRE) resources have complementary daily and seasonal production profiles. Last month, IEA Senior Analyst Cédric Philibert shared modeling results from selected sites in China with an audience at the Energy Research Institute in Beijing. The exercise offers a first quantitative look at two important questions. First, what is the economic impact of “VRE stacking”? And second, what is the relative cost position of ammonia produced via a stacking approach?
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