A new series on Economic Impacts of Workers’ Capital:

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October 9, 2014

Here’s your Heartland E-Journal Thursday Morning Espresso!  This morning we bring you a new series on Economic Impacts of Workers’ Capital:

Economic Impact Investors’ Corner

Workers’ capital is the retirement savings and pension funds invested in global capital markets to provide long-term financial returns to worker beneficiaries.  Valued at more than $32 trillion globally, these investments play an important role in the global economy.  Our money should ensure the long-term viability of retirement savings, while supporting decent work and a sustainable future.


“Economic impact investments” have been made in cities around the country in cutting-edge city-building projects and innovative industries, creating new training and workforce participation pathways for working families in the process.  Millions of good jobs have been saved and/or created by the investment of workers’ capital.


As part of a new series on the economic impacts of pension investments, we wanted to share three reports that document how important “our” money is to the US and Canadian economies.

Economic Impact Investors’ Corner

National Institute on Retirement Security Pensionomics 2014

The National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS) recently conducted a study on the economic impacts of pension fund investment and released a full report, Pensionomics 2014:  Measuring the Economic Impact of DB Pension Expenditures.  Nationally, state and local pensions support 6.2 million jobs and $943 billion in economic activity.


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Economic Impact Investors’ Corner

Economic Impacts of CalPERS Pension Payments

In Spring 2014, CalPERS released a report on their economic impacts in the state of California. The Economic Impacts in California study summarizes key findings from recent analyses that capture the statewide impact of CalPERS investments and retirement benefits on job support, tax generation and other economic benefits.


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Economic Impact Investors’ Corner

Research Shows Pension Plans Help Keep Economy Healthy – OMERS

In the Fall 2014 Member Newsletter, OMERS reports of two studies conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) that show that big pension organizations, like OMERS, have a significant, long-term, positive impact on the economy, while providing retirees with stable and adequate incomes.  


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