9th Renewable Energy Finance Forum – Wall Street

Ethical Markets Conferences

The Waldorf=Astoria, New York City
June 19 – 20, 2012

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As the renewable energy industry begins to show signs of reaching price parity, with PPAs coming down, now is the time to put the sector into a broader energy context. In a new session for the Renewable Energy Finance Forum – Wall Street, panelists will explore the relationship between renewable energy and other parts of the energy industry, including:

• The evolution of natural gas markets and the natural interplay with renewables – can these technologies complement each other?

• What does the renewable energy sector need to know about the shale gas revolution?

• Broadening the debate: What role can be played by demand response, peaking support, storage, energy efficiency and electric vehicles? Where do they interface with the renewables market?

• Increased market share: How realistic is it that renewable energy and its collaborators could compete effectively with traditional fossil fuels?


Kenneth R. Locklin, Managing Director, Impax Asset Management LLC


Tanya L. Bodell, Managing Director, FTI Consulting 

Richard G. Smead, Director, Navigant Consulting

Join them on June 19 & 20 at the Waldorf=Astoria to cement your position asleading player in the US renewables market.

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