June 2012 S-CORE Training

Ethical Markets Conferences

Registration is now open for the 5-week S-CORE Distance-learning session to be held in June 2012. Course begins June 4 and continues each Monday through July 2.  Whether you are a Sustainability Consultant or a Sustainability Practitioner, you and your organization can benefit greatly from S-CORE:

  • S-CORE is a powerful, web-based tool for internal sustainability assessment and decision-making.
  • S-CORE is a high-level, rapid assessment–with the right people in the room, it can be completed in a 2-hour meeting!
  • S-CORE quickly educates employees, managers, and other key stakeholders, bringing them up to speed and on board with developing more sustainable business practices.
  • Sustainability Consultants can earn money doing S-CORE assessments with their clients.
  • Sustainability Practitioners can use S-CORE to assess overall corporate progress, compare divisions, and reach out to vendors, suppliers, and customers.
  • S-CORE can be used year after year to track progress, identify new opportunities and prioritize next steps.