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‘Wealth of Networks’

Tracks the emerging information-sharing, open-source cooperative sectors of economies in the USA, Canada, Europe, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and other countries. In this new sharing, cooperative economy, sectors are exchanging information, bartering and using new forms of currency in order to make their money stretch further. The Wealth of Networks balances the older competitive sectors based on money.

Relates to: Global Citizenship, Community Development Solutions, Beyond GDP, Partners/Links, EthicalMarkets.tv – The Money Fix and Money Innovation, Power of Yin, Articles by Hazel Henderson

Investigative Journalism: Issues for a South-South Debate

This publication was produced by Mercado Ético (Ethical Markets in Brazil) with support from the UNDP International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG) based on the findings and recommendations of the International Workshop on Investigative Journalism: A South-South Dialogue. This event was organized by the Embassy of Switzerland in [...]

Engage the largest community focused on doing business better

News Distribution Engage the largest community focused on doing business better. Learn more >> Job Posting Find your key talent from the community focused on doing business – better. Learn more >> Editorial Highlights A Story of Kidnap and the Influence of Web 2.0 in China Exclusive Interview: Professor Jennifer [...]

AOL Agrees To Acquire The Huffington Post

Article from The Huffington Post Below, a press release from AOL and The Huffington Post: Acquisition Will Solidify AOL's Strategy of Creating a Premier Content Network With Local, National and International Reach Arianna Huffington To Lead Newly Formed The Huffington Post Media Group Which Will Integrate All Huffington Post and AOL [...]

FCC Chief Revamping $8 Billion Fund

FCC Chief Revamping $8 Billion Fund

From the publication of Free Press FCC Chief Revamping $8 Billion Fund Under pressure to expand high-speed Internet access around the country, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will lay out a plan to revamp an antiquated $8 billion program to fund new broadband networks. Eliza Krigman, Politico FCC to Propose Expanding Broadband Service [...]

South Korea tops the EIU’s inaugural government broadband index, Japan comes a close second

South Korea tops the EIU’s inaugural government broadband index, Japan comes a close second

From the publication of The Economist Group With ambitious targets for both the speed and coverage of next-generation broadband networks, the developed countries of South-east Asia score highest in the Economist Intelligence Unit's government broadband index (gBBi), the first-ever index to assess countries on the basis of government planning, [...]

Training the Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurs

News on The Edge Welcome to the Social Edge update! “Social entrepreneurship is hot and getting hotter as training programs, business plan competitions and idea challenges take off on college campuses,” writes Paul Lamb. But he wonders whether the next generation of social entrepreneurs will really learn from formal training programs, [...]

Let’s Fire The Economical Bullets for the Love of Egypt

Dear Dr.Kamal / Dr.Rasmy, Based on the current situation Ii have found that as a young entrepreneur me and my partners have a social responsibility towards Egypt , so we are thinking of launching an event that tell the youth you don't need to wait to get employed you to need to start thinking how to find your business and discover your hidden [...]

Website voting booths in 53 languages for global referendum on world democracy

Vote World Parliament — democratic world parliament through a global referendum — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Website voting booths in 53 languages for global referendum on world democracy Nashville, TN, USA—Most people desire world peace, yet common wisdom often sees this quest as a notoriously elusive dream. In this Internet age, is there [...]

Sunlight Foundation Urges Real-Time Lobbying Disclosure to Follow Influence of Special Interests in Washington

New Initiative Marks First Anniversary of Historic Citizens United v. FEC Decision One year ago, the Supreme Court issued its game-changing decision on Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission (FEC), giving corporations the right to make unlimited campaign ads—often without disclosing the donors who funded the ads. Today, to combat such [...]

Yochai Benkler on open source (media) economics

Yochai Benkler on open source (media) economics Not a new presentation, but this TED performance by Yochai Benkler is still very much worth seeing as an introduction: The twelve basic trends of the p2p economy According to the Symbionomics project, these are the twelve basic trends: (I adapted the titles somewhat and added links) * In [...]

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