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Planning For
Transformative Change
Fridays, February 5th – March 19th, 2021


The pandemic and other threats like climate change make it clear that the present global order is not sustainable, and they pose an existential challenge everywhere. The World Economic Forum called for a “A Great Reset” in all spheres of society. Leaders in business, government and other institutions need to plan for transformative change, NOW.

Executive Workshops

These executive workshops were designed to provide extensive intelligence to business and government institutions as strategic plans transform for 2021 and beyond.


FEB 5 State-of-the-Art in Strategy and Foresight: Change from the Bottom Up And the Outside In; The Human Side of Transformative Change

FEB 12 Managing the Technology Revolution: A Macro Forecast of the Most Likely 2030 Scenario; Survey of Disruptive Technologies

FEB 19 The Great Reset in Mental Models: An Emerging Global Consciousness, and Story Thinking

FEB 26 The Historic Rise of Stakeholders: Building the Collaborative Enterprise; Keys to Open Innovation

MAR 5 Mastering CyberSecurity: Principles and Practices To Keep Safe in a Digital World

MAR 5 Which Data, What Data, What Futures: CyberSecurity from the cloud to the brain cloud

MAR 12 Coping with Pandemics: Three Scenarios with Guides to Survival

MAR 19 Practicum on Strategy Formation: Conclusions and Take Away Strategic Postures


Attend all sessions each Friday from February 5th to March 19th, 2021.

$1,250 Early Reg.


Attend one or more sessions at the normal session rate.

$250 Early Reg.

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