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IIRC Secretariat – Pilot Programme & Communications

IIRC Secretariat - Pilot Programme & Communications The Pilot Programme is an opportunity for a select group of companies to demonstrate their leadership in Integrated Reporting through participation in a two-year programme, starting in October. Integrated Reporting makes clear the linkages between an organization’s strategy, [...]

Green Transition Scoreboard®

Green Transition Scoreboard®

ALL ABOUT THE GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD® * Reports and Press Releases * Endorsers * EMM Provides Rigorous Foundation for GTS * Watch the video * GTS In the Press * Overview: Inside The Green Transition by Hazel Henderson     March 2014 Green Transition Scoreboard® Tops $5.3 Trillion Saint [...]

Save the Date – for the Slow Money National Gathering

The 3rd Slow Money National Gathering is on the way! We will be making major announcements about this year's National Gathering in coming weeks, including news about our speakers and program: ** 100+ leading entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists and activists ** 30 breakout sessions, on everything from mission-related investing by [...]

For This Generation The Icb Is Missing A Significant Opportunity

Serious proposals and practices relating to money creation are not new and they are international, deserving of a full appraisal. Interested people, who have followed the work of the Commission, see a missing dimension in the reform of money itself. In its terms of reference, in the context of a significant detrimental impact that failure in the [...]

How the Bailout Killed Local Lending — And How Some States Hope to Bring It Back

How the Bailout Killed Local Lending -- And How Some States Hope to Bring It Back Ellen Brown June 27, 2011 http://WebofDebt.com/articles “Wall Street banks have cut back on small business lending… more than double the cutback in overall lending.… options just keep disappearing.” -Elizabeth Warren, Chair of the TARP [...]

First Solar DOE Loans Full Speed Ahead: 1,300MW, $4.5B

First Solar DOE Loans Full Speed Ahead: 1,300MW, $4.5B First Solar gets a very large Fourth of July present for its CdTe mega-projects. More CPV Funding: Semprius Gets $20M from Siemens, et. al. Can a new approach to chip design make concentrating photovoltaics a contender? And why the flurry of CPV VC of late? Efficiency 2.0: Couponing [...]

Greek Austerity Measures Could Violate Human Rights, Un Expert Says

GREEK AUSTERITY MEASURES COULD VIOLATE HUMAN RIGHTS, UN EXPERT SAYS New York, Jun 30 2011 4:05PM The United Nations independent expert on foreign debt and human rights warned today that the austerity measures and structural reforms proposed to solve Greece?s debt crisis may result in violations of the basic human rights of the country?s [...]

Today’s Study: How Electricity Will Transition

NewEnergyNews Daily Headlines click here for main page: http://www.NewEnergyNews.net/ TODAY AT NewEnergyNews, June 30: * Today’s Study: How Electricity Will Transition * Quick News, June 30: Google On Why New Energy; Solar Looks Abroad; It’s Water Or Energyunless It’s Wind Or Pv; Doe Backs Huge Rooftop Sun Build Yesterday * [...]

Media Advisory-Backgrounder for the forthcoming 2011 State of the Future

Pre-Publication Access to the 2011 State of the Future Publication date August 1, 2011; pre-publication text available to journalists Washington, D.C. July 1, 2011 - The 2011 State of the Future finds the world is getting richer, healthier, better educated, living longer, and is more peaceful and better connected; yet half the world is [...]

ASBC Heartily Welcomed at the White House

Headlines: * ASBC and Partners Meet with White House Presenting New Economic Design for US Recovery * New ASBC Partners * New ASBC Business Supporters * ASBC Campaign Updates * Recent Media * ASBC Around the Country * Announcements Click here to read the newsletter

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