First Solar DOE Loans Full Speed Ahead: 1,300MW, $4.5B

kristy Green Prosperity

First Solar DOE Loans Full Speed Ahead: 1,300MW, $4.5B
First Solar gets a very large Fourth of July present for its CdTe mega-projects.

More CPV Funding: Semprius Gets $20M from Siemens, et. al.
Can a new approach to chip design make concentrating photovoltaics a contender? And why the flurry of CPV VC of late?

Efficiency 2.0: Couponing Your Way to Efficiency
This home energy management company helps users earn rewards for saving energy.

GreenVolts, CPV Aspirant, Gets $39M in VC
Second-tier CPV firm with unknown differentiation completes remainder of inside round.

SunPower’s Dick Swanson Still Very Much Alive
“The Father of Solar in the U.S.” asks if you know how many Joules are in a kilowatt-hour? Answer below.

IBM Coordinates Smart Grid Data in South Korea
What can you achieve when you crunch smart grid data and make it available to 160 companies? Korea is about to find out.

Pinnacle Engines Aims to Slash Fuel Consumption by 25 to 50 Percent
An engine with a WWII heritage could start popping up in motorcycles and scooters in Asia in 2013.