Recycling: A new source of indispensible ‘rare earth’ materials mined mainly in China

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* Recycling: A new source of indispensible ‘rare earth’ materials mined mainly in China
* Worldwide Nuclear Industry Woes Deepen
* New York Lawmakers Make Incremental Progress on Solar
* Climate Change, Extreme Weather Linked At Last
* Merrill dairy farmer studies feasibility of wind energy site
* Attn Democrats: Stop Messing Up Energy Policy
* The 3 Things the Solar Industry Needs to Accelerate Worldwide Industry Growth
* Are Solar Panels More Efficient Than Plants?
* Small businesses hit hard by energy program cuts and changes
* Solar Bikinis for iPhones, iPods, etc? Apparently, Yes
* Renewable Energy Wind Stocks Alert; (NasdaqGS: BWEN), (NasdaqGM: CPST), (OTC BB: JUHL), (OTCBB: CWET)
* The PV Module Supply Glut
* Top Ten Highlights of Cleantech in the Caribbean
* What’s The True Cost Of A Gallon Of Gas?
* Major Solar Power Farm in Austin Under Construction
* German Hydroelectric Plant Is A Breathtaking Example Of Organic Industrial Architecture
* Chesapeake Energy Wants $6 Gas
* Technical Assistance to ARRA Funding Grantees – Get it While it’s Here
* The Nuclear Safety Paradox
* An Infrastructure Bank for Transportation
* The Upcoming Brawl Over Energy Subsidies
* Next Up: Hand-Drawn Electrical Circuits for LEDs
* Chesapeake Energy Wants “five or six dollar” Gas
* Parsing Google’s Energy Innovation Report
* Frankfurt Cleantech Investor Trading Alert; (PS4.F), (CYW.F), (SV7.F)
* Looking At The Real Cost Of A Gallon Of Gas …
* Google: Energy Innovation Can Have A “Transformative Impact” On U.S.
* TODAY- 3pm EST- FREE WEBINAR: Post Fukushima Nuclear Policy
* Why Shifting from Fossil Fuels to Cleaner Alternatives Will Require Fossil Fuels

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